On this page, I’m going to list resources I’ve used throughout my journey.  If you  have any questions about any of the materials, or what to know more about them let me know, and I can write up a more in depth review!



  • Manhattan GMAT

MGMAT books are a great place to start with GMAT prep.  The entire series is exhaustive, though the purchase of only 1 book gains you access to 6 online tests, which are fantastic.

  • Veritas Prep

Veritas prep books, like MGMAT cover everything really well.  I really think the new version on the Veritas Prep books are every bit as good as MGMAT – it really comes down to user preference.

  • Official Guide 12th ed.

I highly recommend the OG for your prep.  The book isn’t so much instructional, but rather an array of old GMAT questions that GMAC has retired.

  • Lots of notebooks..


  • Veritas Prep

I signed up for Veritas Prep after hitting the wall with self study.  The class was well organized, and I really benefited from having someone (the teacher) push you to study.  Additionally, the online materials were very                  strong.


  • Obviously no individual names here, but I highly recommend finding a network of people who you can share your experiences with.  Not everyone in your current network will understand what you’re going through, so try to reach out to those that do.   I know I benefited from the knowledge that others out there were struggling with understanding the nuances of combinatorics at the same time, while most of my friends in my original network didn’t care/didn’t know about combinatorics. 

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**I am not sponsored by, paid by, or work for any of the companies listed above.  The reviews written are my own thoughts, and I receive no compensation for listing their products**

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