Best of Blogging Voting!

It is that time of year again – time for Clear Admit’s annual Best of Blogging voting. Dating way back to the 2004-2005 application season, the Best of Blogging has been awarded to outstanding writers that contribute to the business school blogosphere. While I don’t think I’ll ever be on the red capret  for a Grammy, Oscar, ESPY, VMA, Tony, Golden Globe, or Emmy awards ceremony, I’m thrilled to be nominated for Clear Admit’s BoB 2013-2014. Truth be told, I wasn’t planning on updating the blog until I got some experience at this whole MBA thing, but this nomination has drawn me out of my hiding b school preparations.  Look forward to that “I’m no longer an applicant, but rather a crazy, tired, excited, nervous MBA student” post soon.

For my loyal readers (Do I have any left??), You may remember that last year I was nominated as well. I was in complete shock, because my blog was only a few months old, and had very little going on. Not only that, but I was up against legends such as Cheetarah, MBAover30, and TheSenator. At the time I had just under 2,000 views, and had just began looking at writing essays. Today I’m closing in on 40,000 views, and am trying to fill out health history forms so I can go to Johnson in the fall. The difference a year makes. Last year, I noted that it was a strange feeling for me, as many of the nominees are those that inspired me to start my blog. Now it comes full circle, as I got a note last week that someone else was starting their blog, and listed me as an inspiration! Head over to GrantMeAdmission to follow his journey as he gears up for his application season. Good luck! 

Now, back to the task at hand – BoB Awards. Clear Admit sent me a handy-dandy write up on how the process works, which I’ve included below:

Clear Admit Best of Blogging 2013-2014

Below you will find the nominees for this year’s Best of Blogging competition. Congratulations on being recognized for your outstanding contributions to the business school blogosphere! To vote, simply list your top three choices and omit the remainder of nominees. Ballots must be returned to by May 28th. (Not for readers, oops). You can also share this link with your friends and readers: Best of Blogging 2013-14, which will allow them to support you and other favorites. Please refrain from ‘ballot stuffing’ and only vote once. Please also let us know any thoughts you may have on the funniest blog and best single post, and to point us to the blogs that you feel feature the best advice in categories such as GMAT preparation, school selection, application essays, admissions and recruiting interviews, as well as the best representation of academics and student life in business school. Good luck to all of the nominees!





Two Years at HBS



MBA Over 30

Boots to Suits


Ok so there you have it. Go vote. Vote early and vote often. Vote once. Here is the link again:  Best of Blogging 2013-14.  Congrats to everyone else that was nominated, and good luck with whatever phase of the process you’re on! I know MBAMyWay and I will be having fun at Johnson :)

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