The Calm Before the Storm

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week, and enjoyed the family, friends, and turkey. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, you should start next year – it is truly one of the best holidays out there. Literally, you get to eat tons of food, drink wine/beer, watch football on TV, and pass out.

Now that the holiday is over, what now? My thoughts exactly. I fielded an endless barrage of questions over the holidays, some of which I will list below. I honestly felt interviews were easier than dealing with this:

  • Why didn’t you apply to HBS
  • What is Tuck?
  • Are you going to live at home?
  • Why are you quitting a good job?
  • Why not do an online program?
  • Why not go to (insert local university here)?
  • Did you get a scholarship?
  • Where are you going to intern at?
  • Where are you going to work?
  • How are you going to pay for this?
  • Didn’t you just graduate?
  • Are your parents going to pay for it?
  • I thought you were an engineer..?
  • You need an MBA to work at a bank?
  • I read something bad about HBS students – are all schools like that?
  • Are you worried about job hunting in a bad economy?
  • What if you can’t get a job?
  • I thought you had a business minor, why do you need a MBA?
  • Why do you want to move away?
  • Are you going back to school to find a future spouse? Why not?
  • I hear the MBA is overrated – why are you doing that?
  • Why can’t you just read about the subjects online?
  • Zuckerberg/Gates/Dell/Branson/Ellison/Jobs didn’t need an MBA – why do you?
  • Are you going to work part time while studying? Why not?
  • Why didn’t you apply to more schools?
  • Why did you apply to so many schools?
  • Every MBA I’ve met is a jerk.

Ok, the last one was not a question, but someone actually said that, lol. I just said, yep! And walked away. I guess that proved their point. I am definitely tired of fielding these questions (and thousands others). Nevertheless, what am I supposed to do now? Quick sitrep: I have applied to six schools, interviewed at four schools, and got dinged at one. I am probably due for a ding at Darden, as they announced that a majority of interview invites have gone out the other day. Make that two dings. I have a week or two more until any decisions are made, so I have been relaxing. I have relaxed so long; I forgot the passwords to my applyyourself login for a few schools!

With a decision from Johnson pending in the next 10 days, I guess I should start some round 2 applications. You know, just to be safe. I realistically have four shots, but given the competitiveness of my schools, it is not impossible hard to go 0-for-4. I have been doing some light research on these schools, but have not actually done anything about it. I have always had them in the back of my mind as potential round two schools, but note that they are NOT safety schools. I am of the mindset that you should not apply to safety schools. The schools I have in mind are just as difficult/more difficult than the previous six that I applied to from a pure numbers standpoint. For various reasons, however, they are compromises on what I thought the ideal MBA program meant. So, I guess in my waiting I should probably get started on those essays…

For now, though, it is the calm before the storm. Johnson is set to give me a decision on the 11th, Tuck on the 18th, Fuqua and Ross on the 20th. This will probably be my last update until I hear from Johnson, so cross your fingers and toes for me!


7 responses to “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. ◦Are you going back to school to find a future spouse? Why not?
    This one made me laugh. I think people at work think I’m strange just laughing at my computer screen ..

  2. “What is Tuck?”
    Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time I get asked that, I could probably pay for school. Actually, still unlikely. Damn.

    • Haha yeah. I definitely would have enough to pay for both of our tuitions! I just started telling people I applied to Dartmouth, Duke, etc.

  3. Great post. I love it when people ask these most simplistic questions.

    It’s like, do you think I haven’t been poring over this decision for the past year plus of my life? Do you think I just woke up one morning and in between bites of an apple thought “yeah, an MBA sounds good, yup gonna do that”?

    • Haha yeah. I totally understand. I mean, it is logical that they aren’t obsessive over all things MBA like we are, but at the same time, you know me – you know I’ve been working towards this for a loooong time.

      Oh well, at least they’re interested, I guess.

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