It Gets Worse

Before we dive in to today’s post, I thought I would just give some general stats updates – I find the stats of my blog very interesting, so I thought I would share as we approach and cross some milestones. First, I have to thank my readers again – we are set to cross 15,000 views this week, assuming you all do not stop reading at the pace we are on.  Speaking of pace, this month has been the most viewed month on Boots to Suits, racking in over 3,600 views, demolishing the previous high of 2,066 in July. Last week there were over 1,000 views for the first time ever. I am continually amazed that so many people find their way here; I would have never thought it would be this popular, so thank you for reading.

So yeah, it gets worse.  I was talking to one of my favorite bschoolers the other day, who was stressing through full time interviews, and got to thinking; why does this keep getting worse? Better yet, why do I keep going down this path if it is only getting worse? You see, back when I first started thinking about MBA programs, I was unhappy with my current career. Some variation of having the wrong career, wrong location, wrong trajectory, wrong boss, wrong paycheck, wrong type of impact, probably applies to 99% of MBA applicants. I know I was definitely in allsome of those groups. So already, the starting point to this journey is generally poor.  Oh well, things can only get better, right?

Wrong. Next comes in our good friend the GMAT. At first, I thought it should not be so bad. I took a practice test and scored a 620 without having ever studied a single GMAT problem. 700 should be a no-brainer.  I mean, I studied engineering at a great school, and its only pre-calculus math? Seems easy.  Again, I was shocked at how painful the GMAT was. I studied for 3 months, and was humbled on my first attempt. Next attempt yielded better results, but still not so great.  Approaching 1 year of prep, I took the test a third time and got an acceptable score. I knew that I could relax, as I had a score that would put me in range for my target schools.

But relax I could not, as it was time to start working on my applications and essays. As I had been preparing for MBA applications for over a year now, I knew not to take this step lightly. I also thought it wouldn’t be so hard to articulate my goals or why I wanted to go to school X. Add in the fact that I thought it’d be a great idea to prepare 6 applications in round 1, and I was thoroughly swamped. Surely, this was the new low for my application season.  I missed friend’s birthdays; I used vacation days on school visits, and spent excessive hours reviewing essays on my computer.  I am certain I will be blind before I am 60.

So now, I have reached rock bottom. I have done everything there is to do; all that is left is to wait.  And by far, this is the worst.  While the other stages were tedious in that I had goals and deadlines to meet, this stage has left me feeling helpless. I am very pleased to see that Ross liked me enough to want to talk to me, but I am still agonizing over the other three schools I have yet to interview at. I hope I get one more interview, or it is going to be a long wait until the third week of December. So far, this has been nothing but a downward spiral.

Application-land, summed up in one gif.

From talking with my aforementioned MBA-friend, even the course load/FOMO/interview aspect of MBA programs can be devastatingly tough. So this begs the question, if each stage keeps getting worse, why do we keep following this path downward? Well for one, remember where we started – frustrated at the wrong career, wrong location, wrong trajectory, wrong boss, wrong paycheck, wrong type of impact. The MBA is a means to an end to all of that. Certainly, it will be a downward spiral of pain, but once you get through that, you’ll set yourself up for a career that doesn’t have all of those crushing drawbacks.  Point in hand; my bschool friend that I referenced earlier just accepted a job at one of their dream firms.  All it took was 3 years of hard work and pain. So yes, it’ll be worth it – it gets worse, but it also gets a lot better.

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