Holy Tuck (Part II)

In Part I, I mentioned that I had no intention of leaving Tuck after the scheduled activities ended. For those of you that know me well, you know that Tuck is very high on my list. Those of you that don’t – now you know. That being the case, I wanted to make sure that if accepted, Hanover would be the right place for me to spend two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, I talked with some friends that are current Tuck students and asked convinced them to let me hang out with them for a night so I could see the “real” Tuck.  Not that I didn’t trust the events I scheduled through admissions; that isn’t the case at all.  The students and everyone I met during the day were very candid and helpful. While its best to assume you’re being evaluated the entire time you’re on campus, the students made sure we knew that they were more than willing to be 100% truthful in response to our questions. I, however, wanted to see what happens after the sun sets. So, unlike my other school visits, I decided to stay and extra night in Hanover.

Bonfire from Dartmouth’s Alumni Weekend…not what happens every night at Tuck, lol

Turns out, I was pretty fortunate. By inadvertently scheduling my visit for the last day of class for first years, I had also scheduled my visit for the night of Tuck’s formal. My host, a first year at Tuck, let me chose what we would do that night:  Go to the pregame, formal, and bar afterwards, or skip the formal and just do the pregame + bar. We opted for the latter, with him citing Finals, and me citing a odd feeling going to a formal at a school where I can count the people I know on one hand. I knew one thing – it was Friday afternoon, and I was ready to get out of my suit.

After decompressing for a few hours after my events at Tuck – which is to say, writing my essays for Tuck and other schools, my host and I picked up a case of beer and headed off campus to the pregame. We arrived at my friend LRW’s house for the party, very under-dressed.  After spending the whole day in a suit, I changed into jeans and a shirt.  After spending the whole day in jeans and shirts, the Tuck students changed into dresses and tuxes. Oops. Shortly after arriving, the house began to fill up with 50 or so Tuck students and their partners. Keeping in line with the events on campus, the students were so excited that I was a prospective student, and were thrilled that I was out experiencing the culture at Tuck. They all told me I had to come to Tuck, which I playfull responded “Go give Dawna (Clarke) all the money in your wallet for me”. After everyone consumed enough to stumble to the formal, my host and I left the group to stop for some dinner.  (Are you noticing the trend in these debriefs?  hamm0 always seeking food?)

We stopped at a local bar named Murphy’s, which happily seated us for some good noms. For those visiting, even if you’re not experiencing the nightlife, Murphy’s is a cool place to check out.  My host tells me it is a standard Tuck hangout, usually devoid of undergrads.  The food is also pretty good – better than standard “bar food” for sure.  Finally, They have plenty of beer on tap, which always earns points with me. After eating, we headed back to the dorm for a bit, rather than run up a tab at Murphy’s waiting for the formal crowd to wander in. An hour later, my host’s phone buzzed, signifying that they were out of the formal, and en route to the bar. Off we went.

Front Entrance of Murphy's

The Tuck students obviously had a great time at the formal.  Their once dapper appearance was..ahem..slightly tarnished. While no one was as drunk as the undergrads roving campus in search of the next frat party, it was clear that they enjoyed blowing off some steam after an intense Fall A.  Side story: I’m not joking about the undergrads.  When we picked up beer to go to the pregame, there were fraternity brothers (pledges?) buying cases of Colt 45 and Mad Dog 20/20.  Habanero-Lime flavored MD 20/20.  WTF.  Anyway, my host and I grabbed a table and chatted up the students. Turns out the formal was fun, but the open bar was hardly open – long line i guess.  At this point in the night, I was becoming overwhelmed with the inflow of Tuck knowledge, so I decided to retire for the night.

This is disgusting. Never ever ever drink this.

Since visiting, I submitted my application for EA at Tuck. I was very nervous about this one, because as I mentioned above, I really like Tuck. I really really like Tuck after my visit.  I was talking with another Tuck applicant (and great blogger, Domotron) about his visit, and we both agreed that visiting might not have been such a good idea. You read that right.  We decided that after visiting, we might have fallen a bit hard for Tuck.  With decision dates months away, we were looking at a long wait to see if Tuck likes us as much as we liked them.  Ahh, such is the life of an MBA applicant.

My experience at Tuck was phenomenal.  The daytime activities not only answered a lot of my questions, but also gave me plenty of fodder for my essays.  The nighttime activities really showed me what Tuck was all about (Read: Its as awesome as everyone says it is). I can’t thank the students I met enough – they were all exceedingly helpful, even while they were enjoying their Friday night. So go visit Tuck – As Ferris Buller said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend it” Special shout-out to Kart77, LRW, The Senator, and Str1der, some gmatclub veterans, Tuck students, and all around good people.  Without them, my visit to Tuck would’ve been half as comprehensive.

8 responses to “Holy Tuck (Part II)

  1. Sounds great! Tuck sounds like a great school. And its great that you had some current students to show you around the evening life – that’s a big important point if you’re going to be there for multiple years!

    Glad to hear the Brits were represented too :). Good luck with the application.

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