Assorted Application Advice

Hope everyone is making progress on their GMAT and/or essays.  As I mentioned last week, application season is upon us.  Why does summer always go so fast?

Usually, I try to put forward new material in my blog posts, or at least material about me.  This week, I’m trying something different.  Partly because any available introspection-ness is going towards essays, and partly because the admissions directors absolutely killed it this week.  So, in honor of their helpfulness, we’ll recap some of their application advice.

First, is Darden’s video featuring Assistant Admissions Dean Sara Neher.  In the video below, Ms. Neher talks about essays, recommendations, and your MBA resume.  Props to Darden for being so transparent – this is just downright awesome.  When I visited Darden, I had a great time.  The staff that I interacted with was very approachable and open; videos like this give you a taste of what I saw during my time in Charlottesville.  I highly recommend you watch the video below (its only 6 minutes), as it gives you an insight to the “black box” at Darden.  Furthermore, I think the topics discussed here can be applied across all schools, not just Darden.

Next, Senior Associate Director Patricia Harrison at Tuck put together an awesome application strategy post on their blog that can be found here.  In the post, Pat talks admission strategy starting from beginning to end, which provides a great oversight of the process both in general and at Tuck.  Check it out for a good, higher level, application strategy overview.

Ankur Kumar, Director of admissions at Wharton, put together a short list of bullet points to consider when working on your Wharton application.  Check the post out here.  I really like her fourth point: don’t over think it.  Too often, we as applicants get too wrapped up in every detail about the application process, analyzing what each possible step could mean.  I think stepping back for a few minutes to look at the big picture could be in order.

Props to Darden, Tuck, and Wharton on some great work on their respective blogs this week.  If you’re not already checking these out, add them to your RSS feed or bookmark them – there is plenty of great information in here.

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