Apps n’at.

Different kind of apps from the main image – sorry for the misdirection :)

Today, Stanford released its application for this season.  To my knowledge, they’re the first school to have their entire application out, rather than just some essay questions.  Being the inquisitive type, I took a gander.  This is going to be a lot of work.  To those of you still wondering about the title, “apps” is obviously applications, and “n’at” is a bit of slang from my hometown often added to ends of sentences.  Weird, I know.

Anyway…aside from the standard questions about your name, where you’re from, etc. there are some “fun” twists in the application such as “Where is your favorite place?”, “Your favorite thing to read? “, and my personal favorite…”Please describe yourself in up to 20 words OR choose up to 20 words to describe you”.  Oh boy.  I’m not sure how much weight one could possibly lend to details like this on an application, but it’s just one more thing to trip you up.  I think the application forms are perfect for when you have downtime between essays, or when you meet the infamous writer’s block.  Almost forgot – there is a section in there for things you’ve done to reach out/connect with Stanford – I wonder how often they fact check that.

Outside of Stanford, I’ve been grinding my way through essays.  On one hand, its easy to say “I’ve got 3 months..whats the big rush”.  On the other, I feel like I’m being lazy if I spend a weekend playing golf (like last weekend..ahh so relaxing).  I think there is a balance to be struck in there – we’ll see how that strategy pans out as I’m furiously typing away trying to meet R1 deadlines.  How are all of you other early birds doing with essays?



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