Diversity Day!

Last week at work, I got a very dreaded email.  There had been talks going around that all employees at my company would have to attend something called “Dignity & Respect in the Workplace”.  I had survived the past few rounds of email waves, dodging that deadly invitation.  Hoping that I wouldn’t be included since I am a relatively new employee and haven’t made the HR list yet, I kept my head down and my mouth shut.  But alas, I was found out, and had to attend my companies version of diversity day.


Now not that there is anything wrong with diversity day- I’m a big supporter of equal rights.  I just don’t like watching the generic HR videos from 1992 with the well scripted lines that make every white male look like they’re ready to a) beat women or b) enslave anyone that isn’t white.  Did I mention this “seminar” (its not training, mind you..that seems too forced) lasted over 3 hours?!  Ok.  So i’m a bit bitter about D&R as it is known around here, but that isn’t the purpose of this post.  I wanted to talk about a variety of subjects, and decided on the title diversity day – this is just my segway into the MBA chatter (i.e. the good stuff is over now, prepare to be bored).

Up first on my agenda for today is my interview!  No, I’m not job hunting.  I was featured on a Q&A with accepted.com’s blog, so go and read it!  Also go read the Q&A of my other Civil Engineering-MBA hopeful-blogger poetic quant! Strange that we’re both similar background & started blogging at the same time, eh?  I was hoping to end every sentence in this paragraph with non-standard punctuation mark, how did I do

Next, I’m up to two recommenders.  I landed the first, my former manager from my old job, two weeks ago.  He was slightly taken aback by it, partly because he thought that I would need the recommendation thath week.  Once I told him that it would be a few months, though probably a bit more intensive than he had in mind, he quickly agreed.  I’m a bit worried about him, not because I don’t think he’ll have good things to say, but because he isn’t as familiar with the process.  Some coaching will be in order here.  My 2nd recommender was a very logical choice, as he is one of the managers I work with closely on my new job.  He is a recent MBA grad himself, so he definitely understands the process.  When I asked him, he was thrilled to be able to help, though I haven’t told him I don’t have his alma mater on my list yet.  In any case, I have no doubt he will write a strong recommendation for me.  Up next, I have two managers at this job lined up to ask, I just need to get on their calendar.  I’m hoping for a minimum of 4 when I start applications, though hopefully I end up more towards 5 or 6, given the number of programs I plan on applying to.  We shall see.

Outside of recommendations, essay season is well underway for me.  I’ve made good progress on my Ross essays, having landed on a pretty good version of essay 1 and essay 3. (Thanks friends!) I’m by no means done with those, but I think I’m finally on the right path in terms of content.  Essay 2 is giving me fits, as Ross sort of boxes you in with 3 separate essays that make up the standard goals essay – definitely some work to do here.  Outside of Ross, Darden released their essay a few days ago. Yes singular, as in one, uno, एक, or un.  The essay is largely unchanged from last year, and seems a bit curious to me.  If you’re only going to be asking one question, I don’t know that the question is ” Share your thought process as you encountered a challenging work situation or complex problem. What did you learn about yourself?”, but maybe definitely thats why I’m not an adcom.  Last years application featured two “short” essay questions in the actual application, so we’ll see if that is the case this year when Darden releases its full application.

Keeping with my policy of only endorsing things i’ve tried, MBAMission is generously giving away their insider’s guides (1 a day for the next several weeks) if you follow them on twitter.  The download link self destructs a la Inspector Gadget, so they’re only available from 12:00-2:00 EDT.  That said, if you can get to them, i reccomend it.  I have downloaded CBS so far (Not sure why – just wanted to test it out), but missed Darden’s offering yesterday.  Anyway, It’d be silly not to grab these while they’re free.  (click the link above for details, if you haven’t already)

Finally, I haven’t been able to pick up another leadership-EC as my handy dandy action plan suggested I do by this time, as I have been focusing on other (read: fun) types of ECs!  I have been spending a lot of time at the golf course, the beach, and the gym.  I realize those things aren’t going to help my MBA aspirations explicitly, but they do provide a nice distraction. Often a welcome distraction – there is only so much you can do on essays before you hit writers block, so getting out of the house and away from the PC is a must for me.  Also, I don’t think I’ll have that luxury during the crunch time when R1 applications are due, so I might as well enjoy when I can.


12 responses to “Diversity Day!

  1. Good work on thinking ahead and getting a bunch of recommenders so that you don’t overburden them… I asked one person to do recs for all 4 of the schools I was applying to and after she looked at them she came back to me and said she could only do 2 or maybe 3 because they were so intensive. Spreading them out will mean your recommenders will hopefully have enough time to put a lot of effort into each one.

    • Thanks! I was worried about that exact situation with 6 schools on my list..

      Cool blog by the way – I’m looking forward to seeing how your 2 years in Palo Alto turn out. Also, I’m supremely jealous!

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  3. Dude. Thanks for the tip on the MBAMission guides…picked up Kellogg’s today – awesome stuff.

    So we’re both BSCE, both going MBA, both blogging, both interviewed by the same website… what could possibly be next?

  4. Ah! Congratulations – I spoke to my second recommender today too and he was really great about it. Fortunately/unfortunately, my current manager has been pretty awesome about my intentions for going through this MBA process and had already agreed to be my first recommender. By the way, did you get the Kellogg guide? I just missed it! :(

  5. Hey! I found your blog through clearadmit and I’d like to thank you to unfold your application process to all of us; it’s a great source of information and inspiration! :) Thanks also for letting me know about MBAmission free guides; unfortunately I lost CBS, one of my target schools, but I got the next ones.
    Good luck!

    • Thanks for reading Luigi. I think the guides are pretty good – there is nothing in there that you couldn’t find out yourself, but its nice to have it consolidated into one location.

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