Back to the drawing board.

I was talking to my buddy jumsumtak today about not having a post for this week, and he noted it was for good reason:  I am working on my essays.  And he is right, that is a good reason, and probably more important than my blog.  So I’m just writing a short post today – a short post to distract me from the disaster that is my Ross essays.

Why a disaster you ask?  Well for one, I never expect my first (or second..or third…) draft to be a “good” version.  The fact that I’m on version 2.0 right now is sort of calming – this one shouldn’t be the final anyway.  But honestly, when I sat down the day after I did my first draft, I was appalled.  Who could write such junk?  Aside from being more boring than watching condensation on a cup, the content was just..bleh.  Beyond that, they didn’t tell any sort of cohesive story.  When read the set as a whole, the theme was “I don’t know what I want to do, and I don’t know why I want to come to your school”.  Certainly not the theme I’m trying to project.  I’ve done my fair share of introspection leading up to essay season, and have several “stories” lined up for each essay, but mixing and matching is proving difficult.  Mixing and matching when you don’t have the pieces fully built yet is damn near impossible.

As I promised a short post today, I’ll leave you with some humor.  We all need a break sometime to have a laugh, talk with a friend, or just enjoy life.  I recommend you do so before you write an essay like this:

Happy essay writing friends :)

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