Get Real

Things just got real.  I am driving home from my memorial day weekend events (which were awesome, thanks for asking) and I get a text from a friend that as of this afternoon, my first school’s essay questions are officially out.

Soojin Kwon, the gatekeeper of Michigan Ross, posted on her (awesome) blog a couple of notes as well as the 4 questions for this year.  I have a mixture of emotions, but lets settle on anxiousness.  I really like what Ross has done with their essays this year – its definitely a “tighter” bunch than last year, both in quantity of words and quality of questions.  Also, they are a lot earlier on the release calendar than last year (though the complete application isn’t live yet).  I’m certain I won’t be submitting any time soon, but man, I feel rushed already.  I have been spending the last few weeks mentally and graphically planning to answer these questions, and have a number of stories lined up for each one, but it is still setting in that I’ll be finally working towards my goal, and that come October 1st, I’ll have submitted an application with less than 1,250 words that show why Ross should accept me.

With that, I should be writing less on this post, and more on my 100-word introduction to my future classmates..

4 responses to “Get Real

  1. I know that feeling – a mix of anxiousness, excitement, and a sense of urgency that fills your stomach with butterflies. a couple of my targets released essay questions. I need to get on the BALL!

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