Short post today.  Just giving everyone a heads up that ClearAdmit’s best of blogging nominees have been announced.  There are some seasoned vets (geezers, really..i kid, i kid) on the list such as Cheetarah, MBAover30, and TheSenator.  Its a strange feeling for me, as many of the nominees are those that inspired me to start my blog.  Its like I’m some NBA (No, not MBA) rookie competing for MVP with Kobe, LeBron, and Durant among others, while I still have their posters on my wall from when I was growing up!  Go vote for your top 3 at the link below if you find any of our blogs useful!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>VOTE HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I was extremely surprised to see that I had been nominated – thanks to the folks at ClearAdmit and my readers:  As I’m writing this, in my first month and a half, Boots to Suits has over 1,800 page views!    Best of luck to all the nominees!

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