“Peace would solve a lot of problems”

Hello all.

I start my blog with the quote “Peace would solve a lot of problems” for a few reasons.  First, it harps on something I feel strongly about – There are no shortcuts.  Sure, it’d be great if we could solve a lot of problems.  All we need is peace? great – that is easy.. not so much.  For MBA applicants especially, I feel that we’re always looking forward to impossible lengths, wanting to know how to get to the magical 700 barrier in 2 days, or which job will help get into HBS more?  And how do you get that job?  The fact is – that path doesn’t exist.  More on this later.  The other reason, I chose this particular quote is because I have always got a good kick out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quotes.  He is a modern day Mark Twain (Ok, not that witty, but you get the point).

In the coming months, I hope to detail my MBA application process, crack some jokes, and hopefully get admitted to the school of my dreams.  After spending the past year or so following just about everything MBA, I feel that I have enough time now to back fill my story as well as prepare for the upcoming storm that is application season whilst writing this blog.  I’ve come to annoy and alienate just about every one of my friends and family members by now, so I’m hoping I’ll find a home in the vast depths of the internet.

Back to my quote.  As I’ve said, I have spent over a year on MBA websites, and the common thread I have found among applicants, aside from being clinically insane masochists, is that most want “the plan”.  They want to know how to get their GMAT above 700 in only 2 weeks, Which book provides the best shortcuts for CR questions, if its better to go to MBB or a BB right out of undergrad – and which one will get me to the school of their dreams.  Well the big secret I’ve learned is that there is no shortcut.  No one can help you detail out your application from when you were an infant until you’re the master of the universe.   The reality is, you need to put in the time, put in the effort, and add some luck on top.

I hope to chronicle some of my journey here, not to provide anyone one else with a path to follow, but to share some insights and experiences.

5 responses to ““Peace would solve a lot of problems”

  1. I just finished this journey – it was a long one! Finally was accepted to the school of my dreams – Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. GOOD LUCK!

  2. You have gotten very wise during your 2 years of b-school reconaissance. I think people will follow your path because its sensible. Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming application season.

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