I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering. I’ve taken the GMAT – 3 times.  I’ve had 2 jobs in the past 3 years, and I am working for at least 1 more.  I have $250.  I’m ready to apply to the school of my dreams (Well not Stanford – they want $265…), or so I’m told.

I’m currently in what I’m calling a lull.  I took the GMAT in December, and finally got a score that should help me get into schools that I am interested in.  I’m not sitting for that test again, unless someone Wait lists me and tells me I’m as good as gold with a 700.  Then I would consider it.  I was a bit disappointed not to break the 700, but my score is just as good, or so I’m told.

Applications don’t come out for a few more months, so I’ve been making visits at schools.  Last month I took the journey down to Darden – I was pretty blown away, but I had to remind myself that I have no comparison.  Is it that Darden is that awesome?  or are all business schools that awesome?  This month, I saw NYU.  I didn’t much care for the campus, but that is just me.  It still felt like a special place, just not as much as a connection there as Darden.  Maybe its because it was a weekend, and maybe its just the NYC vibe, but I didn’t think I could spend 2 years there.  Up next, I hope to see Tepper, Ross, and maybe Johnson.  I’ll definitely get more of a feel for which schools to apply to the more I visit, or so I’m told.

Other than that, I started a new job in November – I’m currently getting my brains beat in as I try to learn everything finance.  Having a diversified work experience should help not only in my application process, but also in business school and work afterwards, or so I’m told.

Furthermore, this lull is allowing me to catch up on stuff that went on the wayside when I hibernated for the GMAT.  I’ve spent the past few weeks rekindling hobbies, apologizing to friends for not seeing them in months, and basically getting back to what makes me me.  Adcoms say that they want to know this version of you – not the over-hyped, over-consulted version we portray in our applications  I wonder if adcoms ever crack up at the absurdity of some of the claims made – you’re 24 and you’ve run a $2 billion dollar arm of a F50 company?  And you managed over 10,000 senior employees?  And you’ve raised over $10 million for a charity that saves babies in Zimbabwe?  And…  well you get the point.  I don’t really have any of those things to put on my resume, but it shouldn’t hurt me in the application process, or so I’m told.

I’ve also spent a lot of time talking with some of the great people I’ve met along the way that are now doing awesome things at awesome schools.  They tell me about how hard first year is, and in the same breath tell me about all the crazy traveling they’re doing, and all the wild parties they attend.  They have class with the most amazing people in the world, and business school was the best decision of their life.  They tell me about recruiting for summer internships, and how McKBainGroup didn’t take them, but they got a still awesome job offers at JP Sachs and Amazoogle.  I can’t wait to be in their shoes, with the world seemingly at my fingertips.  I’ll get there one day, or so i’m told…

4 responses to “Hearsay

  1. GMAT

    Not to discourage, I would really advise you to retake the GMAT. You seem like you have a great head on your shoulders and know which kinds of schools you want to apply to, but a 700+ could go a long way to not just getting you in BUT getting you in with some $$$.

    • I agree that a 700+ would help, there is no doubt about that. However, with the time available, I think I’d be better off writing stellar essays for R1, and applying with my 690, as opposed to landing a 720 and compromising my essays. We’ll see if that comes back to hurt me.

      Thanks for reading David

  2. GMATClub–> this blog–> this article..

    Best of luck with your interviews! and i think you should call David to give him an update ;)

    • Ha! I wasn’t offended by his comment – fundamentally he is right. It just didn’t make sense for my situation. And I still haven’t been accepted anywhere, so maybe he is right! How are your apps coming?

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